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ABonAir AB4000 4K System


Lens Control – L-Bus, FS-CAN, 1-to-Many

ABonAir Alexa

ABonAir, the leading provider of professional wireless video solutions, has announced the latest additions to its AB4000 4K system – LBUS and FS-CAN for Lens Control, Focus, Zoom and other motors as well as the 1-to-Many support with Intercom to all.

With these new additions, the AB4000 is becoming a “Swiss army knife” that includes it all: Video, Audio, RCP, Intercom, Lens Control, Tally and much more.

The AB4000 units are now equipped with LBUS and FS-CAN for Lens Control, thus, allowing focus pullers to control Lens motors from afar, combined with wireless video in the same unit. This is a single-box solution for both video monitoring and lens control. All this in parallel to Receivers that can be used by the director, the light control and others in the production team.

Another addition is the 1-to-many support. The AB4000 unit can automatically form a 1-to-many topology, which allows the camera transmitter to send video, audio and intercom to multiple Receivers viewed by the whole production team (e.g., director, director’s assistant, light operators, etc.) so that everyone is in sync with the production progress. The director can also talk over the intercom to the cameraman and the team, providing feedback, and giving instructions for the next take.

AB4000 is a lightweight and feature-rich broadcast-quality system (4Kp60 video through 12G SDI or HDMI interfaces) with extremely high picture quality and a robust link, based on the ABonAir unique Bi- Directional link empowered by its ReTransmit algorithm, which was designed to overcome wireless interference by acknowledging each and every pixel sent over the air and verifying its content before decoding, using the wireless optimized H.265 CODEC.

On top of these, AB40000 supports shading/painting (CCU/RCP) & PTZ camera control and is compatible with cameras from manufacturers such as Blackmagic Design, Hitachi, Ikegami, Sony and Panasonic.

The AB4000 includes an integrated Intercom and Tally light to support multi-camera productions.