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ABonAIR releases new Cinema Production Features


Revolutionizing wireless Cinema Productions
AB4000 system provides a streamlined, single-point communication hub, seamlessly connecting camera and control room. A simple solution for complex needs.

The AB4000 three-in-one wireless video link is a lightweight, feature-rich broadcast-quality system offering up to 4Kp60 video through either 12G SDI or 2.0 HDMI interface. In addition to video, the AB4000 provides LBUS lens control and Ethernet RCP. Unparalleled picture quality and robust connectivity, ideal for both indoor and outdoor cinema production coverage.

The AB4000 comes equipped with LBUS and FS-CAN for Lens Control data path, enabling remote control of lens motors, combined with wireless video in a single unit. This all-in-one solution caters to both video monitoring and lens control, complementing the needs of the director, light control, and other production team members.

Features include:

Automatic System Setup:
From booth to full operation without manual intervention.

Effective Coverage Range:
300m suitable for most cinema or stage productions.

1-to-Many Configuration:
Allows the camera transmitter to send video, L-BUS data, and Ethernet RCP to multiple receivers, keeping the entire production team (director, assistant, light operators, etc.) in sync.

Ethernet CCU Support:
Compatible with ARRI and other cinema camera brands like Sony or Canon.

Dual-Mode Operation:
Each unit can function as either a Transmitter or a Receiver, with easy mode switching at the push of a button, reducing inventory costs by up to 30%.

Adaptable Mounting Options:
Three mount options (Hot Shoe, Gold Mount, V-Lock) for diverse camera setups.