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  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC TITAN Wireless Backlit Keyboard – Mac

    $282.70 AUD AU


    Streamline Your Adobe Premiere Pro Workflow This LogicKeyboard Titan is designed to optimize your Adobe Premiere Pro editing experience. With a comprehensive layout of clearly labeled, color-coded shortcut keys, it empowers you to edit with unparalleled efficiency and precision. Benefits: Increased Productivity: Access 60+ essential Adobe Premiere Pro shortcuts instantly, eliminating time spent navigating menus or memorizing key combinations. Enhanced Workflow: Color-coded keys organized by function provide intuitive operation and accelerate your editing speed. Ideal for Professionals: Perfect for post-production facilities, professional editing houses, and individual Adobe Premiere Pro users.

    RRP (ex GST): $257.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $282.70 AUD

  • Apple Final Cut Pro X TITAN Wireless Backlit Keyboard – Mac

    $282.70 AUD AU

    Item Code: LOG-LKB-FCPX10-TM-US

    Master Final Cut Pro with Dedicated Shortcut Keys This LogicKeyboard Titan is the ultimate tool for Final Cut Pro editors. Featuring a comprehensive layout of clearly labeled, color-coded shortcut keys, it empowers you to streamline your workflow and elevate your editing experience. Benefits: Increased Productivity: 60+ readily accessible shortcuts eliminate menu navigation and memorization, allowing you to focus on your creativity. Enhanced Workflow: Color-coded keys organized by function ensure intuitive operation and accelerate editing speed. Ideal for Professionals: Perfect for post-production facilities, professional editing houses, and individual Final Cut Pro users.

    RRP (ex GST): $257.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $282.70 AUD


    Avid Media Composer “Classic” Layout TITAN Wireless Backlit Keyboard – Mac

    $282.70 AUD AU

    Item Code: LOG-LKB-MCOM4-TM-US

    Precision Engineering for Avid Media Composer Professionals The LogicKeyboard Titan offers Avid Media Composer editors an unparalleled editing experience. Its meticulously crafted design combines dedicated shortcut keys with advanced features, empowering you to optimize your workflow and unleash your creative potential. Key features 62 intuitive keyboard shortcuts Dual Connectivity:

    RRP (ex GST): $257.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $282.70 AUD

  • Avid Media Composer “PRO” Layout TITAN Wireless Backlit Keyboard – Mac

    $282.70 AUD AU

    Item Code: LOG-LKB-MCOMP-TM-US

    The LogicKeyboard Titan offers Avid Media Composer editors the new

    RRP (ex GST): $257.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $282.70 AUD

  • Avid Pro Tools TITAN Wireless Backlit Keyboard – Mac

    $280.50 AUD AU

    Item Code: LOG-LKB-PT-TM-US

    Elevate Your Avid Pro Tools Experience This LogicKeyboard Titan is the ultimate tool for Avid Pro Tools users. Featuring a comprehensive layout of clearly labeled, color-coded shortcut keys, it empowers you to streamline your workflow and optimize your audio editing experience. Benefits: Increased Productivity: 70+ readily accessible shortcuts eliminate menu navigation and memorization, allowing you to focus on your creativity. Enhanced Workflow: Color-coded keys organized by function ensure intuitive operation and accelerate editing speed. Ideal for Professionals: Perfect for music producers, audio editors, and anyone working with Avid Pro Tools.

    RRP (ex GST): $255.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $280.50 AUD

  • New!

    Beetek DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 Fibre Extender

    $6,154.50 AUD AU

    Item Code: BEE-M1-DP-HDMI-Pro

    Industry-leading fibre extension solution with resolution support up to 4K@60

    RRP (ex GST): $5,595.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $6,154.50 AUD

  • DaVinci Resolve TITAN Wireless Backlit Keyboard – Mac

    $282.70 AUD AU

    Item Code: LOG-LKB-RESB-TM-US

    This LogicKeyboard Titan is the ultimate tool for DaVinci Resolve editors. Featuring a comprehensive layout of clearly labeled, color-coded shortcut keys, it empowers you to streamline your workflow and elevate your editing experience. Benefits: Increased Productivity: 160+ readily accessible shortcuts eliminate menu navigation and memorization, allowing you to focus on your creativity. Enhanced Workflow: Color-coded keys organized by function ensure intuitive operation and accelerate editing speed. Ideal for Professionals: Perfect for post-production facilities, professional editing houses, and individual DaVinci Resolve users.

    RRP (ex GST): $257.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $282.70 AUD

  • DuoModo Echo IIII Module – SNT-DM-MOD-E3

    $2,238.50 AUD AU

    Item Code: SNT-DM-MOD-E3

    RRP (ex GST): $2,035.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $2,238.50 AUD

  • Kiloview PU01-35W – 35W Power Supply Module for 1RU Rackmount

    $154.00 AUD AU

    Item Code: KIL-PU01-35W

    Power supply module for use with a 1RU rackmount

    RRP (ex GST): $140.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $154.00 AUD

  • Kiloview PU03-110W – 110W Power Supply Module for 3RU Rackmount

    $605.00 AUD AU

    Item Code: KIL-PU03-110W

    Power supply module for use with 3RU rackmounts

    RRP (ex GST): $550.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $605.00 AUD

  • Logickeyboard AVID Media Composer – PRO – Shortcut keyboard – Astra 2 backlit (Mac US)

    $303.60 AUD AU

    Item Code: LOG-LKB-MCOMP-A2M-US

    Logickeyboard for AVID Media Composer Noc OS Platform  Shortcut keyboard

    RRP (ex GST): $276.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $303.60 AUD

  • Logickeyboard AVID Media Composer – PRO – Shortcut keyboard – Astra 2 backlit (PC US)

    $303.60 AUD AU

    Item Code: LOG-LKB-MCOMP-A2PC-US

    Logickeyboard for AVID Media Composer Windows Platform  Shortcut keyboard with

    RRP (ex GST): $276.00 AUD

    RRP (inc GST): $303.60 AUD