17″ TELEprompter, Tripod & Dolly Turnkey Travel Case – PT4700-TRIPOD-TK

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Available to ship: Within 2 weeks.
Item Code : IKA-PT4700-TRIPOD-TK

RRP (ex GST): $7,700.00 AUD

RRP (inc GST): $8,470.00 AUD

Available to ship: Within 2 weeks.
Item Code : IKA-PT4700-TRIPOD-TK

RRP (ex GST): $7,700.00 AUD

RRP (inc GST): $8,470.00 AUD

Available to ship: Within 2 weeks.



Model: PT4700-TRIPOD-TK


  • 17″ Teleprompter, Tripod, Dolly,  Hard Case
  • PrompterPro4 Software for Mac  PC
  • Accommodates Camera Payloads up to 23.8 lbs.  (w/o Counterweight)
  • For Use in Studios, Live Events,  Virtual Productions
  • Video Inputs: HDMI, VGA, Composite (BNC)
  • Tripod w/ Fluid Head
  • Adjustable Counterbalance  Fixed Pan/Tilt Drag
  • Dolly w/ Cable Guards
  • Hard Cases for Teleprompter, Carrying Bags for  Tripod  Dolly

Quick Start Guide: PT4700-TRIPOD-QSG


Ikan’s Turnkey Broadcast Solutions include everything you need for your professional camera setup. This solution includes a 17″ teleprompter, tripod, and dolly. All of our systems have been tested internally for payload compatibility. This solution also includes a hard case for th e teleprompter  carrying bag for the tripod.

The remaining payload capacity, after mounting the full 17″ teleprompter system without the counterweight, can accommodate camera setups up to 23.8 lbs. The tripod, without the teleprompter system, can accommodate cameras up to 44.1 lbs.



Ikan’s 4th generation teleprompter series is designed for quick and easy setups for all applications. The lightweight aluminum teleprompter has multiple 3/8-16″and 1/4-20” mounting points. The teleprompter monitor includes HDMI, VGA, and Composite (BNC) inputs.


The high quality 70/30 made-in-America teleprompter glass provides the perfect balance of reflection and pass-through without distorting the image.  With 1000 nits the prompting image will always be crisp and visible whether you’re under the sun or studio lighting.


The 17-inch Teleprompter includes a rail that allows you to easily balance your entire teleprompter setup. You can offset the entire teleprompter setup up to 7 inches.


Our professional line teleprompters not only include four different camera mount bases but also counterweights to  allow for a large range of different-sized cameras to work.  The base can conveniently slide to adjust the weight without the need to remove the plate.

Height of Riser Plates:


Short – 52.5mm Medium – 95mm Tall – 135mm Extra Tall – 160mm


The fluid head provides smooth panning and tilting while there are 8 levels of adjustable counterbalance. Counterbalance systems can be adjusted to accommodate the weight if your camera, teleprompter, and accessories; ensuring that the camera remains balanced and stable. Counterbalance prevents sudden jerks and unintended movements when tilting or panning the camera. This is crucial for achieving professional-looking, smooth video footage.


The fluid head features individual locks for both the pan and tilt. Pan and tilt locks allow for precise control over the movement of your camera. By locking these axes, you can ensure that your camera stays in the desired position without any unintended movement.


The 8-inch tripod plate mounts the teleprompter system to the fluid head and provides an extra 6 inches of sliding range to counterbalance your entire teleprompter and camera setup.


The heavy-duty tripod is made of aluminum and the legs are a twin tube design with two stages. It includes the E-Image Mono-Lock design which allows you to control the height of both stages with a single twist lock. The tripod by itself can be adjusted to a maximum height of 63” and a minimum height of 18” with a folded length of 29”.


The fluid head includes a 100mm bowl mount with a twist lock to secure the teleprompter and camera payload.


The dual panhandles allow you to maintain firm control on your shots. These panhandles also work perfectly for mounting zoom, focus, and iris controls. The length range for each panhandle is 16.7″ to 24″


The professional teleprompter is shipped in reusable custom cut foam which will help keep the kit safe and organized when you set it up or break it down. The custom cut foam  perfectly fits in the included SKB iSeries 3i-2217-12BE Waterproof Hard Case.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Tripod w/ Head
  • 1 x Dolly w/ Wheels & Cable Guards
  • 1 x 17″ Teleprompter System w/ Monitor
  • 4 x Camera Riser Plates
  • 1 x PrompterPro Software (FREE with this teleprompter)
  • 1 x Rolling Hard Case for Teleprompter System

General Specs

  • Available Payload w/o Counterweight            18 lbs.
  • Available Payload w/ Counterweight  12.1 lbs.
  • Max Height of Full System     7.14 ft. / 2.18 m
  • Min Height of Full System      3.43 ft. / 1.05 m

17 in. Teleprompter

  • Riser Plate Height       Low: 2.06 in./52.5mm | Medium: 3.74 in./95mm| High: 5.31 in./135mm | DSLR: 6.29 in./160mm
  • Length of Rods           15mm x 400mm
  • Build Material  Chassis: Anodized Aluminum | Rods: Carbon Fiber
  • Reading Range           20 ft./6.1m
  • Beamsplitter Ratio      70/30
  • Beamsplitter Shape    Rectangular
  • Beamsplitter Material  Glass
  • Tripod Mounts 8 x 1/4 in. -20 Female | 6 x 3/8 in. -16 Female
  • Product Weight w/ Low Plate 24.98 lbs.
  • Product Weight w/ Medium Plate       25.38 lbs.
  • Product Weight w/ High Plate 25.51 lbs.
  • Product Weight w/ DSLR Plate          24.88 lbs.
  • Sliding Range 5.9 in./150 mm
  • Aspect Ratio   4:3
  • Maximum Brightness  1000 cd/m2
  • Screen Size (Diagonal)          17 in.
  • Mount  VESA 100mm
  • Video Inputs    AV COMPOSITE, HDMI, VGA
  • Input Voltage   DC 12v / 4A
  • Power Consumption   22W
  • Product Weight           5 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions   15.5 in. x 13.75 in. x 1 in.
  • Viewing Angle 160° (H) / 170° (V)
  • Build Material  Aluminum Chassis
  • Image Flip       Horizontal: Yes | Vertical: Yes


  • Material           Anodized aluminum alloy
  • Bowl Size        100 mm
  • Leg Stages/Sections   One-Stage / Three-Section
  • Leg Lock Type            Rotary clamp
  • Spreader         Mid-Level
  • Spiked/Retractable Feet         Yes
  • Load Capacity 132.3 lbs.
  • Height Range  18.5 in ~ 63.0 in. / 47 cm ~ 160 cm
  • Folded Length 29.1 in. / 74 cm.
  • Weight 11.2 lbs. / 5.1 kg.

Fluid Head

  • Head Payload Capacity          44.1 lbs. – 20kg
  • Bowl Size        100mm
  • Counterbalance System         Stepped, 1-8
  • Pan Drag Settings      Fixed
  • Tilt Drag Settings        Fixed
  • Tilt Lock          Thumb Lock
  • Tilt Range:      -60°/+90°
  • Bubble Level   Yes
  • Pan Handle Length Range     16.7 in. – 24 in.
  • Net Weight      7.7 lbs./3.5kg
  • Net Weight w/ Pan Handles   9.5 lbs./4.30kg
  • Sliding Plate Range    7.87 in./200mm
  • Temperature Range   -40°F – 194°F
  • Camera Plate Length  8 in./203.2mm


  • Net Weight      15 lbs./6.8 kg
  • Footprint Diameter      39.4 in./100 cm
  • Cable Guard Diameter            4.92 in./12 cm
  • Height  6.7 in./17 cm
  • Radius 19.7 in./50 cm
  • Wheel Width   3.9 in./100 mm
  • Lockable Wheels        Yes
  • Build Material  Legs: Aluminum | Wheels: Rubber | Screws: Steel
  • Payload           132.3 lbs./60 kg.

Travel Case

  • Internal Dimensions    22 x 17 x 12.75 in.
  • External Dimensions   24.34 x 19.47 x 14.38 in.
  • Weight 18.75 lbs.
  • Carry/Transport Options         Handle, Retractable Handle, Wheels (Built-In)
  • Color   Black
  • Security Lock  Accepts Padlock
  • Water Resistance       Waterproof
  • Build Material  Polypropylene

Additional information

MPN : PT4700-TRIPOD-TKBrand : IkanWarranty : 1 yearWeight(Kg) : 100
Weight 100 kg