Kiloview CUBE X1 NDI Core

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A Turnkey Solution for NDI Multiplexed Distribution

Kiloview CUBE X1 NDI Core is a lightweight version of the NDI CORE MAX.

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Available to ship: Next business day.
Item Code : KIL-CUBE-X1

RRP (ex GST): $5,500.00 AUD

RRP (inc GST): $6,050.00 AUD

Available to ship: Next business day.


The CUBE X1 is designed for unified scheduling, switching, distribution, and management of all NDI signals, supporting 16CH NDI inputs and 32CH NDI outputs. It can achieve seamless switching of all NDI sources and switch without lagging or black screen.

Additionally, it can realize non-multicast multiple distributions, multi-business grouping management, NDI signal rotation playback, etc. It is also compatible with NDI signals of any format or from any device, such as UHD/HD/NDI/NDI|HX and other NDI inputs for seamless docking.

Equipped with an LCD touch screen, the CUBE X1 allows users to monitor the network status, storage space, and CPU occupation in real time.

Three Reasons to Choose Kiloview CUBE X1!

1. All the NDI sources are connected one-to-one to the Kiloview CUBE X1 NDI CORE for switching and distribution.

2. Multiple virtual outputs will be created within the CUBE X1; can be connected to any NDI destination; can also achieve seamless input/output switching.

3. Connection mode: support input/output 1-to-1 connection; support 1 channel input + 1 channel output + multi-channel terminal; 1 channel input + multi-channel output + multi-channel terminal.

Non-Multicast Multiplex Distribution

Unlike a simple routing switching mechanism, Kiloview CUBE X1 supports access to all NDI data sources, thus achieving seamless NDI signal switching and unlimited distribution. When you need to use the same NDI video source in multiple targets, the system can create multiple NDI outputs as needed, or the same output can support multiple targets connected at the same time.

Additional information

MPN : CUBE X1Brand : KiloviewWarranty : 1 yearWeight(Kg) : 3 Interface : EthernetOutput : Analog Audio, HDMI, NDIInput : Analog Audio, HDMI Manufacturer's website
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 41 × 15 cm